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Micris has been operating for over 20 years.  The main manufacturing base is located in Rochdale, Lancashire with the head office and accounts located in Burnley.  


We pride ourselves on providing a full service from drawing concept to designing, producing and commissioning GRP products from radomes and antennas to fire safety cabinets and bespoke projects.  


We make sure that we keep at the forefront of the GRP industry to produce the best, most efficient GRP products for a wide range of industries all over the world.

Mike has over 30 Years’ experience in the composites industry.


Mike held the position of Works Manager before later becoming the Operations Manager at MICRIS Mike has a vast range of mechanical and theoretical know how and is responsible for the designing and developing of the MICRIS Radome product range using 3d Modelling software.

Mike Boyle

Operations Manager

Adam is a graduate of Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University attaining a degree in Business with Marketing.


Adam has previously held positions as a Marketing Manager working within the Mechanical lifting Industry and the Financial Enforcement Sector.

Adam Clarke

Sales & Administration Manager



With over 100 year’s worth of collective experience, the production team are the life blood and driving force of the MICRIS business.


A wide range of technical skills benefits the company endlessly as the large pool of talent can react and adapt to the requirements of each project on merit.

The Production Team

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