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As professional glass fibre moulders, MICRIS expertise extends much further than its specialities in radome and equipment cabinets. We have customers in the industrial sector with very specific requirements quite different to those from the radome and offshore industries.


Using our expertise and a very versatile material, this enables us to offer customers a range of manufacturing processes to choose from.



Micris can offer a design and drawing service using industry standard CAD software to allow customers the opportunity to view their products before the design is fixed. We will then work with you to establish the material specification, which will be determined by the environment, performance, and cost requirements


Pattern Making

At Micris we take pride in our ability to satisfy customers' demands. We have the capability to take your CAD design, and then reproduce it. A pattern or plug would be produced from your final approved drawings from this pattern we create a mould - and finally create your GRP moulding.



Techniques used in the production of your industrial GRP product could include hand-lay, vacuum infusion, or resin transfer moulding.


Resin Transfer Moulding or Closed Moulding is a cleaner and a more efficient and effective way of producing a composite part. Here at Micris we can provide a full complete service right through from the drawing concept to designing, producing and commissioning closed mould tooling.


Manufacturing the composite part itself and consulting on the different range of complex materials to be considered, is also an area in which Micris prides itself in.


Providing the customer with the service, quality and trust that strengthens working relationships and provides a strong future together.

  • Created parts are extremely durable

  • Accurate thickness on produces parts

  • Created parts will not corrode or rust


Due to the versatility of GRP and our open-minded approach, MICRIS will consider almost any GRP project.


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