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The University of Manchester


MICRIS worked alongside the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering in The University of Manchester, on a 3 year project in conjunction with Senior Lecturer Jim Methven and a post graduate PhD student in the development of Radome Manufacturing, resulting in the development of a predictive software program which forecasts the performance of composite materials at various frequencies.


MICRIS also regularly hosts students from The University of Manchester engaged on individual and group projects, Engineering Doctorate (EngD) and PhD projects, and PGT courses including Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing and Management Systems. MICRIS collaborate with staff at The University and also make a vital contribution to developing the learning of the students in a hands-on environment.




University of Liverpool


Working in conjunction with a Senior Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics and also the Chair of Wireless Engineering. MICRIS regularly have sample composite panels tested in the anechoic chamber located on the campus at the world leading University.




Universitat Politècnica de Valencia


MICRIS works in close partnership with the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications at the Technical University of Valencia, The relationship began in earnest in summer 2013, When the University enquired with MICRIS to see if we could work in collaboration to validate composite designs for Radomes. MICRIS successfully completed the project and now enjoys a great working relationship with Senior Professors and other Alumni. MICRIS consistently keep open lines of communications with the University and have the privilege of using its various facilities, in particular the validation and testing of composite materials.


Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications





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