Our customer was renovating a motor yacht originally built in the 1930s.  The Super-Yacht needed all the mod cons but without spoiling the period look of the vessel. So how do you provide such a ship with modern satellite communications without installing a radome that would stick out like a sore thumb?

After discussions with the customer, it turned out that because the originalpower plant of the yacht had been replaced by modern diesel-electric units, the funnel was mostly surplus to requirements. It was decided that Micris would supply a composite radome with materials and lay-up structure frequency-optimised for Ku band satellite communications – in the shape of the original funnel.

The funnel was an accurate facsimile of the original, even down to details like grills and fake rivets.

The customer was so happy with the result that he is using Micris for similar motor yacht renovations.

Image courtesy of Super Yacht Times.

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